Appliance Box UK was founded in 2014 by Barry Livingstone and is currently ran by a small group of specialist product researchers.

Our team of dedicated researchers review hundreds of products every year, from kitchen appliances to dental health products – you name it, we’ve more than likely had our hands on it.

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This website was created as a place for online consumers to come and find the best rated products for their needs.

We go out and review all of the most popular products being sold online and pick the best from the bunch. Only the best products that pass our strict quality test criteria make it to the site and earns a full in depth review.

For example, halogen ovens are becoming very popular cooking kitchen appliances, but as an uninformed online consumer looking to buy one, you want to know how they work, which brand is the most reputable and who’s offering the best price.

The Appliance Box Team Will Help

Although the range of products are not as vast, buying a product from a high street shop allows you the advantage of getting an up close look at the product, you’re often able to see a working demo and touch the product before buying, even talk to an in store specialist with any questions you might have.

Compare this to online shopping for the same product where there are thousands of online retails all competing for your custom. A lot of websites will just have a short and vague description about the product you’re interested in buying, don’t have many clear images and often contain bias reviews.


We Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

We’ll pick the best products, research real feedback reviews from people who own and use the product. We’ll buy and test the products that make the cut and then we’ll create and in depth review and publish it on this site. Only the best, most reputable, most effective and reliable products will be featured on Appliance Box.

We take the guess work out of buying online, with informative product related articles and in depth reviews, you’re buying decisions are made crystal clear.

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