Andrew James Digital Halogen Oven

Halogen ovens – cooking appliances which utilize a powerful halogen bulb instead of traditional heating elements – make it possible to quickly, efficiently and thoroughly cook food with less fat and less mess – even in small kitchens, far surpassing the performance of regular ovens, at a fraction of the price.

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Family-owned British appliance maker Andrew James has updated their bestselling halogen oven design with new digital control technology for even greater performance and ease of use. They’ve also created a hinged lid and more robust construction.

Andrew James Digital Oven Main Points

  • Brand new digital control panel makes cooking food easier and simpler for consistently good results. Includes automatic cooking programs for toast, pizza, rice, cakes and more.
  • Easy to replace bulb included.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Healthy and delicious cooking – halogen technology cooks food without extra fat or oil and retains flavour and nutrition better than other ovens.
  • Fast – 1400 watt element cooks foods 3 to 5 times quicker.
  • Comes with a wide range of accessories, including low and high level racks, tongs, extender ring, baking tray, 4 skewers and a toast rack for incredible versatility.
  • Includes 128 page recipe book full of fantastic cooking tips and recipes.

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Complete Andrew James Digital Halogen Oven Review

Hinged Lid for Safe and Easy Operation

Unlike other halogen ovens which require the lid to be completely lifted off and placed on a lid holding stand – a potentially fussy and dangerous operation – the Andrew James Digital Oven features an innovative hinged lid, which allows the lid to be opened by simply grasping the front and lifting in an upward motion, while the lid swings on the rear-mounted hinge. This clever design upgrade means never having to worry about dropping a heavy lid, and makes the oven safer to use for everyone, even the very young and old.

Delicious Meals Every Time

halogen oven cooked meal

Food-safe Materials for Peace of Mind

The large, 12 litre cooking bowl and lid are made of thick, food-safe glass. Not only is this type of glass able to withstand high temperatures and allows food to cook properly, it’s naturally free of BPA and other contaminants, so you can rest easy knowing that no chemicals have leached into your food.

Designed for Years of Use

Some halogen ovens may as well be “made to break” – after a year or two of operation, the bulb burns out, and you’re essentially left with…well, a big round dish. Fortunately, the Andrew James oven uses a halogen bulb that’s easily replaced (and acquired online) for a reasonable £9.99. That a small – but crucial – component is replaceable means you’ll be able to use your oven for many years to come instead of relegating it to the junk bin.

High Technology in a Compact Size

On the top of the lid is a handsome-looking control panel featuring flat-profile buttons which adjust the cooking time and temperature (and corresponding, high-visibility LCD readouts), as well as activating preset cooking programs for rice, cupcakes, steamed foods, pizza and toast – along with settings for two drying modes, cleaning and sterilizing, and a Turbo mode.

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I find the flat buttons easy to operate and clean – unlike buttons which protrude, the flat-profile controls can simply be wiped with a cloth, and the lack of gaps and crevices means there’s nowhere for food crumbs to hide!

The Andrew James Digital Oven utilizes Light-wave Technology, which cooks food quickly and evenly. I found that recipes which might take half an hour in a regular oven were done in just over ten minutes – and there’s no need to wait for the oven to preheat.

I’m delighted with Andrew James’ latest iteration of their halogen oven. If I had to make one criticism – and I can’t even call it that – it’s that if you’re living by yourself, the 12 litre bowl may be a bit on the large size – but having said that, it’s still a very compact unit that does everything a regular oven can, but better and faster. If you’re looking for something to cook large quantities of food, the hinged lid is adapted so that the extender ring fits, increasing the cooking capacity.

Also available in stylish Black

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Have a look through the Andrew James PDF halogen oven instruction manual to gain a clear understanding of the workings and features of this new model.