Andrew James Ice Cream Maker Review

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Children who sing this chorus through the hot months of summer know what they’re talking about. There’s something incredibly satisfying about ice cream – it’s cold, richly-textured, sweet and densely flavoured. It’s full of salt, fat, sugar – even some protein – exactly what we crave and need!

But store-bought ice cream can be expensive and may contain artificial colours, preservatives and flavours, thickening agents and other questionable ingredients which sully and complicate what should be a simple and wholesome food. Thank goodness for the Andrew James Ice Cream Maker – a high quality machine which lets you churn out delicious, nutritious and economical ice cream at home!

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Andrew James Ice Cream Maker Features

  • Fast operation – homemade ice cream in as little as 20 minutes
  • Comes with free, 128 page book by Annette Yates, full of fantastic ice cream recipes.
  • Includes a large-capacity fast-freeze bowl – 1.45 litre size that’s compatible with most freezers.
  • Versatile – enjoy ice cream as well as frozen yoghurt and sorbet.
  • Extra-large funnel makes it easy to add ingredients.
  • Voted as a Top Ten Best Ice Cream Maker by The Independent Newspaper and recent winner of the Daily Mirror’s Ice Cream Maker Test.

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Full Andrew James Ice Cream Maker Machine Overview

Pleasant to Use

A common complaint about motorized kitchen appliances is that they’re loud. Let’s face it – if the tool you’re using in the kitchen is noisy enough to force you to cover your ears, the process of food preparation is no longer enjoyable. Thankfully, the Andrew James Ice Cream Maker runs at a smooth and quiet 65dBa – approximately the volume of normal human conversation. This makes it possible to operate the device while talking to others and makes using the machine an enjoyable experience.

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No-Mess, No-Fuss Operation

The included extra-large funnel allows you to easily add ingredients to the ice cream maker without spilling them all over the countertop, and the accessories are removable for easy cleaning – a boon to anyone making ice cream at home, because sugar and cream can get very sticky!

The machine itself is simple – in addition to the ingredient funnel, there is a lid, a paddle and an inner and outer bowl. The lack of small bits and pieces makes it easy to keep track of everything and reduces clutter.

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Large Bowl to Feed a Small Crowd

Maybe “crowd” is an exaggeration, but the included 1.45 litre bowl holds enough ice cream to feed at least four people. Despite its high capacity, the bowl is wider than it is tall – at 15 centimetres high, most freezers should be able to accommodate it.

The bowl is insulated, and within its walls is a cold-retaining liquid which keeps the bowl at subzero temperatures when the ice cream is being made. All that’s necessary is for the bowl to be placed in the freezer eight hours prior. That may seem like a long time, but not when compared to the bowls included with other machines, which require up to a full day to freeze.

A characteristic of the coolant used in this bowl is that, when insufficiently cold, it makes a sloshing noise when the bowl is shaken. Not sure if the bowl has been in the freezer long enough? Just give it a shake. No noise? You’re ready to make ice cream!

Andrew James Ice Cream Maker Available in Red

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Recipes Galore

With the right ingredients, ice cream is so much more than chocolate and vanilla. Andrew James thoughtfully included a 128 page recipe book to save you from gustatory boredom. The author, Annette Yates, has provided instructions on making all manner of frozen treats, from rich, smooth ice cream to delightful sorbets, covering the gamut of flavours. Of course, the perennial favourites are represented, but so too are modern creations, like Chunky Pecan and Maple, and Toasted Apple and Cinnamon.

The inclusion of this recipe book has kept me busy in the kitchen, enjoying eating and freezing a new batch of ice cream every week!

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Andrew James Ice Cream Maker… The Bottom Line

There isn’t much I could say against the Andrew James ice cream maker. Perhaps it could be a bit sturdier – but for the very economical price of under £20, the quick and quiet operation, the compact good looks – and most importantly, being able to create cost-effective, delicious ice cream at home, with full control over the ingredients – I haven’t any reason to complain.

Most other reviewers agree – Andrew James has brought to market another fine kitchen appliance, in this case a machine which will have people of all ages screaming… for ice cream!

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