Andrew James Professional Power Juicer

Juicing is widely recognized as one of the most effective and convenient ways to increase energy levels, detoxify, lose weight and improve your overall health. The Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer makes juicing easy – it’s a high quality machine with a powerful, high speed motor and finished in stainless steel, capable of processing whole fruits and vegetables and designed to make juice extraction a mess-free process.

Andrew James Juicer

Andrew James Juicer Main Features

  • Centrifugal operation for efficient juice extraction
  • 2-speed rotary switch dial to set the motor speed
  • Large capacity chute eliminates pre-processing most fruits and veggies
  • Detachable pulp container for easy cleaning
  • Auto-shutoff function prevents damage to motor from overheating
  • 2-year fixed warranty
  • CE/ROHS approval means the juicer doesn’t contain hazardous materials


Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit/Vegetable Power Juicer Review

Fast, Powerful and Quiet

With great power comes great…you thought I was going to say “responsibility”, didn’t you? Well, when it comes to juicers, it’s more a case of that with great power comes great noise – because many juicers are just that: noisy. Fortunately, the Andrew James Professional juicer combines a powerful motor with centrifugal operation, allowing it to operate much more quietly than other types of juicers.

Centrifugal juicing utilizes a rapidly spinning, flat cutting blade covered in sharp protrusions to rip apart fruits and veggies. The spinning action extracts the juice, pressing the pulp against a mesh filter. You can enjoy fresh fruit and vegetable juice in as little as one minute!

juicer tub

Aesthetically Pleasing, Low Maintenance

The high quality stainless steel finish is durable, highly corrosion and oxidation-resistant and wipes clean easily – and it looks great in the kitchen. The side-mounted spout and included jug collect the juice automatically, preventing the accidental spills that can result when using other types of juicers. Andrew James has designed their Power Juicer so it’s easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble. You can say goodbye to the annoying process of having to scrub your juicer’s components with a brush – all the non-mechanical parts are dishwasher-safe.

Handles Fruits and Veggies with Ease, Shuts off Automatically

You can easily feed the juicer whole fruits and vegetables up to 75mm in diameter, which will usually eliminate the need for pre-cutting and pre-processing. The pulp container holds up to 2 litres, and the extra-large chute can even accommodate whole apples! In addition, the 2-speed rotary dial switch knob allows you to adjust the motor speed. Set it at 15,000 RPM for soft fruits and 18,000 RPM for harder fruits.

This 850 watt juicer features an auto-shutoff function which detects overheating and shuts the unit off, preventing heat-induced motor damage.

juicing jug

Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer Conclusion

This Andrew James juicer performs as well many higher-priced models, for a fraction of the price. I’m impressed by how much power is packed into it, and the incredibly high rotations per minute it’s capable of (18,000 RPM) allows me to use harder or drier fruits and vegetables which used to give me trouble. It’s nice to be able to throw in a few carrots which are slightly past their prime for eating raw but perfectly adequate for juicing and still extract all the goodness from them.

In my experience, the quieter motor is a real benefit – I enjoy starting the day with a glass of fresh juice, but other, louder juicers are a no-go when you have late-sleepers in the house.

If juicing interests you – and for all the health benefits it provides, it should – consider trying the Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer. It’s an economical way to get more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet, even if you’re pressed for time.

The stainless steel finish looks great, but you’ll also be happy to hear that this model is also available in a very stylish Piano Black and glossy Red.

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