Kärcher SC1 Premium Steam Cleaner

Household dirt and grime can build up quickly. From hard flooring and carpeting to tricky-to-reach areas like faucets, extractor fans and oven hobs, there are a multitude of surfaces to keep clean. The traditional way of cleaning – a bottle of soap, a bucket of hot water and a sponge – is awkward, tiring and time consuming.

Enter the Kärcher SC 1 Premium Steam Cleaner.

Utilizing the power of steam, it’s an innovative way of cleaning your home. No harmful chemicals, no exhausting scrubbing, wiping or mopping – the SC 1 Steam Cleaner makes it easy to rid almost every household surface of dirt and stubborn grease.

SC1 in action

Dishing The Dirt on the Kärcher SC1 Steam Cleaner

A First from Kärcher

Kärcher – formed in 1935 – has a long history of designing and manufacturing industrial and domestic cleaning products. In the 1950s, the company made a breakthrough with the first European hot water pressure washer. It was such a revolutionary idea that even current iterations of Kärcher cleaning products take design cues from their decades-old predecessor. The SC1 Premium Steam Cleaner is Kärcher’s first ever steam stick.

floor cleaning attachment

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Designed for Maximum Versatility

Taking a jack-of-all-trades approach to design, Kärcher built the SC-1 to handle almost any household cleaning duty. With its myriad attachments, it can tackle a huge range of tasks, from cleaning work surfaces, floors and tiles to blasting caked-on grime off of shower screens, mirrors, taps, extractor fans and oven hobs. The advantage is obvious: needing just one tool for many jobs saves you space, time and money. And despite its compact size, it can handle large surfaces – the unique “labellae” tool allows entire floors to be cleaned easily and quickly.

Built for Comfort and Convenience

Some steam cleaners are large and cumbersome, awkward to move throughout an entire house and fatiguing to operate. Not the Kärcher SC-1 Premium Steam Cleaner! It’s small and compact, designed with ergonomics in mind: the one-button on/off steam controller is built right into the handle where it can be reached at any time. This is a small but thoughtful feature – not having to constantly bend forward to operate a button makes a big difference, especially if you have a sore back!

It’s also fast – no waiting half an hour for the water to heat up, because the SC-1 is ready in only three minutes.

cleans around cookers

Healthy for You, Safe for the Environment

Did you know that virtually everyone on the planet now carries a “body burden” of trace amounts of chemicals linked to hormonal disruption? Our sources of exposure are numerous, and one of the best (or rather, “worst”) ways to absorb such chemicals is to use conventional cleaning products. These ubiquitous sprays, liquids and powers often contain a wide range of substances including coloring agents, solvents, propellants and other volatile organic compounds.

The Kärcher SC-1 takes the worry out of cleaning. Because it cleans with water, it only emits water vapour (steam). You can rest assured that it’s safe to use around anyone, even infants, the elderly and those with allergies or chemical sensitivities.

The ergonomic steam button drastically reduces water consumption and prolongs cleaning times – depressing it releases powerful steam only when you need it, and a child safety lock prevents the lid from opening until all the pressure has been released.

great for kitchens or bathrooms

Features Worth Shouting About

  • Compact size for easy operation
  • Excellent sterilizing power – kills 99.99% of bacteria
  • Multifunctional for maximum versatility
  • Cable clip for easy storage
  • Accessory bag keeps attachments organized
  • Includes the following accessories: Floor nozzle; detail nozzle; round nylon brush; power nozzle; cotton floor cloth; cotton hand cloth; 2 steam tubes

The SC1 Is Well Worth the Investment

More often than not, simple is best. If you’re like me (and most other people), you’ve run the gamut of cleaning products. I think you’ll find that using a straightforward – yet versatile – cleaning machine like the Kärcher SC-1 Premium Steam Cleaner will make a big difference in how you tackle household dirt!

SC1 Full Accessory Kit

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