Karcher WV50 Window Vac Review

People have a strong affinity for daylight. Even the least “outdoorsy” amongst us wouldn’t live in a home without windows – they allow natural light and fresh air to pass through, immediately making any room feel more liveable.

If there’s one downside to windows, it’s that they get dirty – fingerprints, smudges, condensation, debris and even dead insects can wreak havoc on glass. But the ultimate window cleaner has arrived in the form of the WV50 Window Vac by Karcher, and today I’ll be taking you through a detailed review of this powerful little cleaning tool.

Karcher WV50 Features

  • Cleans and dries windows quickly and efficiently.
  • Cleans without leaving streaks.
  • Strong vacuum ensures drip-free operation.
  • Versatile – also cleans tiles, showers, mirrors and spills.
  • 2-year guarantee.
  • 100 mL tank holds plenty of water.
  • 280 mL wide nozzle cleans wide sections of glass in one stroke.

Karcher Window Vac In Detail

karcher WV50

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Easy to Hold, Easy to Use

The Karcher Window Vac weighs only 700 grams, making it easy to
hold. Its light weight and compact, ergonomic shape make it possible to reach even the uppermost corners of a window without straining. When you’re done cleaning, just remove the rubber lug and tip any remaining water out.

Clean, Streak-Free Glass Every Time

If you’ve ever cleaned windows by hand, you’ve probably noticed that as soon as you step away and look at them from another angle, they don’t look clean at all. Streaks are an almost inevitable effect of hand-cleaning glass – the only way to prevent them is to use a very clean rag and an inordinate amount of effort.

using the window vac

The Karcher Window Vac makes it easier – its powerful vacuum and rubber blades pull and wipe off every last bit of water, leaving your windows clean, clear and free of streaks.

A Highly Versatile Cleaning Tool

The Window Vac is brilliant at cleaning windows – but that’s not all it does. It can be used on any smooth, hard surface – mirrors, glass tables, shower tiles and more. The included large capacity rechargeable lithium ion battery means you can clean between 40 and 60 m² between charges. That’s 45 average-sized windows! It s also ideal for cleaning car windows, too.

used on car

Quality You Can Count On

Karcher made its foray into cleaning products in 1950 with the first European hot water pressure washer. In the 65 years since then, Karcher products have gained a well-deserved reputation for quality, innovation and performance.

My experience with the Karcher Window Van has been nothing short of excellent. I’m the type who enjoys the results of cleaning, not the process. You’ll see me smiling after the job is done.

But the Window Vac made cleaning my grimy windows – something I normally put off doing for as long as possible – a real joy. There’s something satisfying about holding the cheerful yellow device up to a filthy pane of glass, pressing a button and watching winter condensation, finger smudges and dirt give way to a window I can actually see through!

I wholeheartedly recommend the Karcher Window Vac – whether, like me, you just don’t enjoy cleaning, or you find polishing window after window by hand tedious and painful, this brilliant little device is perfect for you.

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