Tefal Actifry Plus 1.2kg Healthy Fryer

Oh, chips, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. You’re golden and crispy on the outside, and warm and fluffy within. You are a perfect complement to battered fish. You delight in the savoury tang of salt and vinegar, revel in the sweet redness of ketchup, and delight in the flavourful embrace of HP sauce. And now – now, we can prepare you perfectly, healthily, at home, with the Tefal Actifry Plus!

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Key Actifry Plus Features

  • Healthier – only 1 spoonful of oil per 1.2 kg of crispy chips.
  • Allows you to use fresh oil each time.
  • Cooks way more foods than just chips.
  • Integrated paddle stirs food automatically during cooking.
  • Spoon, lid, paddle and removable bowl are dishwasher-safe.

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Tefal Actifry Plus Overview

Delicious, Nutritious Chips, Made at Home

To say that chips are a popular food would be an understatement – roughly 676,000 tonnes of fresh potatoes are cut and fried in Great Britain every year. You probably have a favourite shop that makes the golden delicacy, but unless they’ve got a Tefal Actifry Plus in their kitchen, chances are that what they’re serving you doesn’t contain only 3% fat!

Use the Actifry to make crispy, fluffy, healthy chips at home. It’s easy – just cut fresh potatoes, add a spoonful of oil and let the Actifry do the rest. Soon you’ll have over 1 kg of evenly-cooked, incredibly tasty chips that deliver all the flavour and almost none of the fat.

How much less fat? Try 100 times less than what a traditional deep fryer uses. It’s better for your health, tastebuds – and better for your wallet.

Tefal actifry machine

Highly Versatile – Cooks More Than Just Chips

The Tefal Actifry Plus makes great, fresh-cut chips – but that’s not all it does. This versatile device cooks a wide range of fresh and frozen foods, including frozen chips, turkey, chicken, fish, sausages, stir-fried veggies – and much more. I appreciated the included recipe book. If you’re like me, you’re sometimes pressed for time, or struggle with figuring out what to cook, but I found that the recipes were both easy to follow and turned out excellently – I especially enjoyed the chilli and curry dishes.

Perfect Cooking Results Every Time

ActiFry has combined their patented hot air system with a stirring paddle, allowing the Actifry Plus to cook your food evenly and consistently. The automated paddle action means you never have to shake or stir the food yourself, giving you more time for other things, and preventing the risk of a hot oil burn.

Unlike a traditional deep fryer, the Actifry Plus doesn’t require pre-heating – it’s temperature-controlled and ready whenever you need it. I can attest that there’s been no lingering, borderline-rancid oil smell in my kitchen since I switched from my old deep fryer to the Actifry – something I attribute to the included odourless filter, and being able to use fresh oil each time I cook.

just one spoon of oil

Incredibly Simple to Use

One of the biggest barriers to cooking at home is the lack of space, time, or some combination thereof. Fortunately, the Tefal Actifry plus takes little of either. It couldn’t be simpler to use – just put your food in the bowl and add a spoonful of your preferred oil. Close the lid, set the timer, and let the cooker do the rest. The timer can be set for up to 99 minutes – long enough for even the largest meals. A convenient, audible alarm goes off when your food is ready.

The cooking temperature is automatically maintained, so there’s no need to worry about walking away and coming back to a burned mess. The steam-free lid and viewing window make it easy to check on how the cooking is progressing.

just add healthy oil

Add Ingredients on the Fly

Sometimes inspiration strikes only after a meal has started to cook. If you want to add seasoning, or more ingredients, simply open the lid. The cooking will automatically pause, and resume once the lid is closed.

In Conclusion

The Tefal Actifry Plus has become a mainstay in my kitchen. I started off using it just for cooking chips, and for a while that’s all I did – they’re so good!

But once I opened up the included recipe book, I realized that there’s so much more that can be done with this brilliant little appliance. Many nights, I don’t even bother with a regular oven or the stovetop – I just pop my ingredients into the Actifry and relax while my food cooks. If your kitchen is short on space, consider trying this wonderful Tefal product – I think you’ll be glad you did.

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