Vax Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

When was the last time you thought to yourself, “I’m going to buy something that sucks. I mean, whatever I buy today is going to really, really suck!” Probably never, I’d wager — unless you were about to purchase a vacuum cleaner. And the Vax U86-AL-BA Air Cordless Solo Vacuum Cleaner does suck, but in the best possible way! Keep reading to learn more.

Vax Cordless Vacuum in use

Main Cordless Vacuum Features

  • Full-sized power in an upright package.
  • Doesn’t lose suction.
  • Very light weight makes it easy to carry.
  • Lithium ion provides 25 minutes runtime.
  • Three nozzle channels powered by WindTunnel 3 technology.
  • Removes even stubborn, engrained dirt.
  • Features six-year Vax UK guarantee.

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Vax U86-AL-BA Air Cordless Solo Vacuum Cleaner Overview

vax suction test

Ultra Powerful Cyclonic Technology Doesn’t Miss a Speck

Unlike ordinary cordless vacuum cleaners, which just stir up dirt and draw it into a canister with a fan, the Vax U86-AL-BA uses cyclonic technology: Air, rife with dust and dirt, gets channelled into a chamber at an angle that creates an incredibly fast-moving vortex.

How fast? So fast that bigger dirt particles are thrown from the air stream to land in a collecting cup. Then, the rapidly rotating air gets forced into a smaller chamber, increasing the speed of the cyclonic spin, forcing out even the minutest particles of dust. If you need even more power, a boost-button provides extra suction – perfect for cleaning heavily trafficked areas and removing pet hair or caked on dirt.

Vax U86-AL-BA vacuum

Lithium Battery Technology for Longer Runtime

The Vax U86-AL-BA is powered by a lithium ion battery. This type of battery technology is light, powerful and fast-charging, and provides a runtime of nearly 30 minutes, making it possible to tidy six or more rooms on a single charge.

Super Lightweight for Ease of Use

Vax has managed to fit a lot of power into a lightweight device. At only 5.1 kilograms, the U860-AL-BA can be easily carried up or down stairs and from one room to the next. It’s also easy to manoeuvre, making cleaning around furniture (and stubborn pets) a breeze.

Edge-to-Edge Cleaning for Maximum Efficiency

A lot of vacuums apply suction over only a small portion of the cleaning head – sometimes using nothing more than single hole! But the Vax Air Cordless Solo uses WindTunnel 3 technology: Three suction channels mean that anywhere the cleaning head is placed, even caked-on dust and dirt will be lifted away. The result is a cleaner floor, faster and with less effort.

stair accessory

Removable Cleaning Wand Lets You Tidy Up, Higher Up

The floor is where most – but not all – household dirt gathers. Let’s not forget about baseboards, stairs, curtains, blinds, shelves and windowsills. Over time, these neglected areas may become caked with dust. Luckily, Vax has a solution: a removable cleaning wand. With the press of a button, the wand detaches from the vacuum’s main body, making it possible to clean even difficult –to-reach areas with ease.

A Range of Accessories for Maximum Versatility

The Vax U860-AL-BA Air Cordless Solo includes a 2-in-1 dusting brush and crevice tool, which is excellent for getting into dusty corners; a soft dusting brush, perfect for cleaning delicate items; and a Lithium Life Charger, which I found particularly handy – it looks very much the type of charger used on the new generation of lithium ion-powered drills. Popping the battery out of the vacuum for a quick recharge is simpler than fumbling around with a cord.

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In Conclusion

I’m very happy with Vax’s cyclonic Air Cordless Solo. It’s light enough that using it has never tired me out, even after cleaning a couple of large rooms. The placement of the battery creates a nice centre of gravity that makes pushing the vacuum around easy – almost enjoyable, in fact.

At a noise level of 70 decibels, it’s not whisper-quiet, but far from deafening – and that’s more than I can say about some cheaper models I’ve tried, which were disproportionately loud (and disappointing weak). The Vax U860-AL-BA has failed to disappoint me in any regard – it’s powerful, cleans quickly, and has freed me from dragging along an electrical cord. I think you’ll love it!